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Golf Club Repair in Maine

Golf club repair is possible.  

Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putters

We can repair your old grips and make your clubs feel newer.  

We can replace that broken or bent shaft you have.  

You have some forged clubs that need loft or lie changed.  We can do that.


Grip Repair

Gripping Golf Clubs
Our recommendation is to replace your grips every 50-75 rounds or every other year.  
You always want to replace all of them so they all have the same feel.  
This will keep your clubs feeling like new and will mentally make your game feel better.

Lots of grips in stock.  We have standard, midsize, oversize and jumbo grips.  We have sell different grip styles from companies like Golf Pride, Lamkin, Super Stroke, Winn and more.  We even can get your favorite OEM grips.  If we do not have the grip you are looking for we can install yours or order what you would like.

Labor cost is $3 per club + grip + tax.  Discount for 8 or more


Golf Shaft Replacement

We offer parallel and taper tip shafts in graphite and steel.

We sell shafts from Accuflex, FST, MSC,Project X, True Temper and more.  If we do not have the shaft you need or want we can order you one or install the one you have.

Labor cost is $30 + shaft + grip + tax.  Discount for 3 or more


Forged irons and wedges need a loft or lie angle change?

Loft adjustments can be made anytime and are $5 per club.  Lie angle adjustments are done by appointment with the golfer swinging the golf club to be done right.  The appointment is $30 for the session and $5 per club that is adjusted.