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Winter Men’s League Week Ending 1/08/23

First Gross with 29: Logan Thompson/Cory Thompson 

Second Gross with 32: Cory Thompson/Jarrod Peters

Third Gross with 33: *Wyatt Foster/Dakota Batchelder 

Fourth Gross with 33:

Rusty Blessard/Cody Simpson 

Rusty Blessard/Ryan Ward 

Sixth Gross with 34;

Rusty Blessard/Ed Soule 

Scott Gary/Ryan Ward 

Marshall Foster/Cory Thompson 

Ninth Gross with 35:

Wyatt Foster/John Champeon 

Rusty Blessard/Wayne Campbell 


First Net with 31: **Fred Pete/Arthur Osborne 

Second Net with 31: **Branden Oliver/Jackson Weatherbee

Third Net with 33: Rusty Blessard/Peter Towle 

Fourth Net with 34: 

Matt Leland/Jeff King 

Tom Huffstutler/Peter Towle 

Kris Nute/Clayton Boulrisse 

Grady Thurlow/Mike Vanadestine 

Eighth Net with 35:

Ed Soule/Kyle Oliver 

Dwight Dawson/Logan Jipson

Tenth Net with 37: Brayden Irish/Carson Munson

Eleventh Net with 47: Andrew Oliver/James Trott 


*Dakota Batchelder/Wyatt Foster, Rusty Blessard/Cody Simpson, and Rusty Blessard/Ryan Ward Tied for Third Gross with 33-Dakota Batchelder/Wyatt Foster won Third Gross with a Par on the Third Tie Break Hole (#7)

**Fred Pete/Arthur Osborne and Branden Oliver/Jackson Weatherbee Tied for First Net. Fred Pete/Arthur Osborne won First Net with a Birdie on the First Tie Break Hole (#9). Branden Oliver/Jackson Weatherbee got Second Net.



First Pin (Hole 2)

First with 7.7’: Cory Thompson 

Second with 10.5’: Fred Pete 


Second Pin (Hole 8)

First with 13.1’: Logan Jipson 

Second with 14.6’: Scott Gary