First Par 3 event Sunday May 26th 9 am shotgun. 2 person teams. min team hcp 15. Moose Keith scholarship scramble the weekend of June 1st and 2nd. Play anytime during the weekend. Benefits local kids at Mattanawcock, Lee Academy and Penobscot Valley High school seniors with further education.

Winter Men’s League for Week Ending in 04/23/23

First Gross with 31: *Wyatt Foster/Dakota Batchelder

Second Gross with 31: *Marshall Foster/Eric Dill

Third Gross with 32: Rusty Blessard/Wayne Campbell 

Fourth Gross with 33:

Jarrod Peters/Rusty Blessard 

Rusty Blessard/Ed Soule

Fred Pete/Jarrod Peters

Seventh Gross with 34: Wyatt Foster/John Champeon 

Eighth Gross with 36: Matt Leland/Jeff King 

Ninth Gross with 43: Andrew Oliver/James Trott 


First Net with 30: Tom Huffstutler/Dave Huffstutler 

Second Net with 33: **Kyle Oliver/Ed Soule

Third Net with 33: **Kris Nute/Clayton Boulrisse 

Fourth Net with 35: 

Fred Pete/Arthur Osborne 

Bub Hanscom/Cory Thompson 

Sixth Net with 36:

MIke Vanadestine/Grady Thurlow 

Ryan Ward/Rusty Blessard

Eighth Net with 37: Rusty Blessard/Peter Towle 

Ninth Net with 44: Dwight Gayle/Logan Jipson 


*Wyatt Foster/Dakota Batchelder and Marshall Foster/Eric Dill Tied for First Gross with 31. Wyatt Foster/Dakota Batchelder Took First Gross with a Birdie on the Third Tie Break Hole (#15). Marshall Foster/Eric Dill Took Second Gross.


**Ed Soule/Kyle Oliver and Kris Nute/Clayton Boulrisse Tied for Second Net with a 33, Ed Soule/Kyle Oliver Took Second Net with a Par on the First Tie Break Hole (#18). Kris Nute/Clayton Boulrisse Took Third Net.



Pin #1 (Hole #14)

First with 6.8’: Dave Huffstutler 

Second with 7.7’: Rusty Blessard 


Pin #2 (Hole #17)

First with 16”: Ed Soule 

Second with 22”: Rusty