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What a battle this week. We had 4 teams tied for 1st net. Who won with with the first birdie?

Results from week ending 12-7


1st  Logan Thompson and Max Woodman                31

2nd Bub Hanscom and Cory Thompson                    34

3rd Rusty Blessard and Wayne Campbell                  34

4th Brayden Irish and Carson Munson                       37

5th Ed Soule and Kyle Oliver                                      40

Branden/Jackson, Ryan/Scott, Jarrod/Dakota and Peter/Wayne were all tied after the week.  We determined the winners by starting at the hardest handicapped hole and work backwards.  Dakota/Jarrod won by having a birdie on the 2nd hardest hole with Ryan/Scott had a birdie on the 4th hardest hole.  Congratulations to everyone.

1st Jarrod Peters and Dakota Batchelder                   36**

2nd Ryan Ward and Scott Gary                                  36**

3rd Branden Oliver and Jackson Weatherbee            36

4th Peter Towle and Wayne Campbell                        36

5th Arthur Osborne and Fred Pete                              41

Closest to the pin

Hole #4     

1st   Rusty Blessard        18' 4"

2nd  Carson Munson      22' 6"

Hole # 7

1st  Bub Hanscom         6' 6"

2nd Branden Oliver        8' 4"