Welcome to the Yellow Ball Event!

Hello everyone and thank you for participating and supporting in this event! A little on the wet side out there today but we are still on in rain or shine! If you missed todays event, well, I’ll be here to give you the results, first things first however, We have been enjoying all the warm weather recently, and we hope you have too! Golfers come down here daily and by the dozen from all around, and we thank you all for making it happen! We have another Par 3 event tomorrow at 9! Everyone liked it so much we are going to do it again, and the only way to get you to practice your short game! Next week we have an event on Saturday at 9, the Marine Corps League Scramble. Now let’s take a look at some shots from today’s event.

Now for what we’ve all been waiting for… The Results!

1st Gross- Dave Lindsay, Gary Tourtillotte, Dwight Dawson, Bill Charron - 138

2nd Gross- Matt Cummings, Amanda Cummings, Randy Gifford, Branden Oliver - 151

3rd Gross- Arthur Osborne, Fred Pete, Aaron Osborne, Jarrod Peters - 154

1st Net- Brayden Irish, Carson Munson, Cody Smith, James Trott - 131.2

2nd Net- Keith Libby, Darryn Libby, Larry Osborne, Wayne Campbell - 140.8 

3rd Net- Mike Vanadestine, Guy Matthew’s, Wade Thurlow, Ken Moody - 139.6

4th Net- Candy Gifford, Hollie Farrington, Alana Lloyd, Marie Goucher - 146.4

5th Net- Colby Clendenning, Sang Ratsakongsy, Wayne Harriman, Mark Lawrence 

Men under 60 longest drive- Arthur Osborne

Men over 60 longest drive- Colby Clendenning 

Women longest drive- Hollie Farrington

Closest to line Men- Mike Vanadestine

Closest to line Senior Men- Darryn Libby

Closest to line Women- Alana Lloyd

Closest to pin hole #2- Darryn Libby - 15’ 3” 

Closest to pin hole #7- Darryn Libby - 13’ 

Closest to pin hole #11- Alana Lloyd - 3’ 6”

Closest to in hole #16- Keith Libby 15’ 3”

Thank you for reading in on our Blog today and we will see you next time!


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