Welcome To The Lumberjack Junior Open! The Results!

An absolutely wonderful day for everyone to be out on the course today, not to mention being a two event day!  Maine Golf and the Maine Junior Golf Club came to hold the Lumberjack Junior open to play for prizes, cash, and to earn points for the opportunity to be on the Maine Juniors golf team! We went out there and our competitors put their best foot forward and we saw some incredible results! But first here are some of the competitors who we saw out there today!

Let’s not forget the USGA staff that joined us in holding the event!

Now normally for our events we would give you the results right here, but we want you to check out all Maine Junior Golf has to offer over at the website, so I’ll send you to their results screen and while you’re at it, take a look at everything and anything that might interest you! 



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