Seniors Par Three 06/16/23

First with 55: Terry Theriault/Ed Soule

Second with 58: Rusty Blessard/DwightDawson

Third with 59: Bill Charron/Mark Lawrence

Fourth with 60: Francis Soucy/Glen Trafton

Fifth with 61: Aaron Osborne/Arthur Osborne 

Sixth with 61: Joe Stuart/Darryn Libby

Seventh with 62: Fred Pete/Bobby Ployde

Eighth with 63: Keith Libby/Tom Huffstutler 

Ninth with 64: Kevin Mulligan/Alan McClaid

Tenth with 64: Dave Lindsay/Dean Fogg

Eleventh with 64: Clayton Boulrisse/Peter Towle 

Twelth with 64: Jamie Oldenburg/Reggie Ogden 

Thirteenth with 65: Brent Lindguist/Danny Moors

Fourteenth with 66: Larry Osborne/Kris Nute


Hole One with 14’2”: Ed Soule

Hole Two with 14’2”: Darryn Libby

Hole Three with 16’1”: Darryn Libby

Hole Four with 60’8”: Joe Stuart

Hole Five with 13’2.5”: Francis Soucy

Hole Six with 1’4”: Arthur Osborne 

Hole Seven with 12’5”: Ed Soule

Hole Eight with 8’3”: Jamie Oldenburg 

Hole Nine with 6’1” Kevin Mulligan 

Hole Ten with 11’10.5”: Fred Pete

Hole Eleven with 8’3”: Bill Charron

Hole Twelve with 4’9”: Kris Nute

Hole Thirteen with 28’7” Fred Pete

Hole Fourteen with 6’.5”: Jamie Oldenburg 

Hole Seventeen with 15’6”: Ed Soule

Hole Eight with 12’9”: Ed Soule

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