Seniors League for Week of 06/14

First Gross with 31: Gary Blake, Kevin Lee and Dean Fogg

Second Gross with 31: Wayne Campbell, Glen Trafton, Dwight Dawson and Mark Lawrence

Third Gross with 33: Cory Thompson, Randy Tallman and Victor Michaud 

Fourth Gross with 34: Keith Libby, Darryn Libby, Ed Plourde and Grady Thurlow

Fifth Gross with 34: Arthur Osborne, Larry Osborne, Kevin Mulligan and Ken Moody

Sixth Gross with 34: Jamie Oldenburgh, Bobby Plourde and Gary Haynes 

Seventh Gross with 35: Butch Arthers, Danny Moors, Tim Madore and Larry Berz



Hole #2 with 15’2”: Mark Lawrence

Hole #7 with 16’6”: Cory Tho

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