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Results from Friday morning 50 and over scramble.

This week was a 4 person scramble with a twist again.  We had 3 holes were you would normally hit your driver off the tee, but you had to hit one of the persimmon headed drivers provided on the tee.  Lets just say the ball traveled like it use to.


1st  Kevin Mulligan, Bill Charron, Alan McCloud, Dwight Dawson    31

2nd  Fred Pete, Arthur Osborne, Larry Osborne      34*

3rd  Darryn Libby, Keith Libby, Grady Thurlow, Mike Ware     34

4th  Butch Arthers, Larry Berz, Kevin Lee, Danny Moors       35

5th  Dave Lindsay, Ed Plourde, Francis Soucy       35

6th  Rusty Blessard, Brian Tomilson, Bobby Plourde, Scott Gary    35

7th  Brent Lindquist, Jamie Oldenburgh, Ed Soule, Peter Towle    36

Closest to the pin

Hole # 2    Brent Lindquist    5' 11 1/2"

Hole # 7  Francis Soucy     10'