Our Hero's Golf Scramble

Our Hero Military museum is now open in Lincoln, Maine. 

Our Hero's Museum Golf Scramble Results


1st  Colby Clendenning, Shane Caron, Wayne Harriman, Craig Miller  57

2nd  Brody Libby, Jake Rhodes, Brian Woods, Wade Thurlow     60

3rd  Matt Cumming, Nick Hockridge, Viet Ly, Jerry Oakes     63


1st  Darryn Libby, Keith Libby, Grady Thurlow, Jessica Weatherbee  49

2nd  Rusty Blessard, Ed Soule, Jamie Oldenburgh, Larry Osborne  53* won on card

3rd  Preston Nickerson, Mike Ulrich, Jamie Merrill, Kevin Thibodeau  53

4th  Peter Towle, Steve Beesley, Logan Jipson, Reggie Ogden  54

5th  Dustin Nicholson, Matt Nicholson, Brady Nicholson, Nick Nicholson  55

6th  James Trott, Andrew Oliver, Harper Jenkins, True Weatherbee   62

Long Drive

women               Jessica Weatherbee

men over 60      Reggie Ogden

Men under 60    Dustin Nicholson

Closest to the pin

Hole # 2   Ed Soule 12' 11"

Hole # 7   Wade Thurlow  19' 11"

Hole # 11  Rusty Blessard  23' 5"

Hole # 16  Nick Hockridge  10' 4"

Putting Contest   won by Darryn Libby

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