Our Heroes supporting the veterans results

        Today here at Barnes Brook Golf Course we held an event to help donate to Our Heroes Museum, Our Heroes Historic Museum, We talked to them more to understand the goals of the museum so you can too! At the museum they want to preserve history and teach the new generation about the past and mistakes that have been made to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. It is a non-profit organization that runs nearly completely on donations, with new items being added to the museum daily from people all over the country.

          They hold events for the community and children that consist of arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, and other unique ways of learning history. They care about the community and try to help as many people as possible, a place where other veterans who went through similar situations, a place for them to heal. Our Heroes Historic Museum is more than just a museum, it’s a place to learn, to reflect, and heal. So go on in and experience an eye opening moment from those who experienced history first hand.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event today and supported our veterans and the Our Heroes Historic Museum! 


Now for what we’ve been waiting for! The results!

1st Net- Amanda Cummings, Marie Goucher, Kelsey Oakes, Holly Farrington - 54

2nd Net- Dustin Nicholson, Mark Littlefield, Matt Thompson, Sutton Crosby - 55

3rd Net- Ede Hamor, Paul Horan, Kate Bartlett - 58

4th Net- Rocky Melanson, Jeff Melanson, Bernie Poulin - 60

5th Net- Alana Lloyd, Jakoby Crosby, Terry Lloyd, Skylar Bard - 61

6th Net- Colby Clendenning, Dante Vouyou, Wayne Harriman, Jim Hancock - 62

1st Gross- Keith Libby, Darryn Libby, Brady Libby, Grady Thurlow - 60

2nd Gross- Rob Trotter, Bob Trotter, Vince Scuderi, Josh Graves - 62

3rd Gross- Brayden Irish, Carson Munson Cody Smith, James Trott - 62

4th Gross- Matt Cummings, Tyler Muzzy, Ian Keenan, Nick Hockridge - 63

Closest to pin hole #2- Hollie Farrington 11’ 1”

Closest to pin hole #7- Hollie Farrington 9’ 4” 

Closest to pin hole #11- Grady Thurlow 21’ 1”

Closest to pin Hole #16- Hollie Farrington 12’ 6”

Men under 60 Longest Drive- Cody Smith

Men over 60 Longest Drive- Mark Littlefield

Women Longest Drive- Amanda Cummings 

Closest to line Men- Matt Cummings 

Closest to line Women- Kate Bartlett 

Thank you all again for joining us and thank you to our veterans for serving!

A special thanks to our sponsors!
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