Moose Scholarship Tournament 06/02/24

First Gross with 58: Wyatt Foster, Jim Foster, Marshall Foster and Adele Wilson

Second Gross with 60: Clayton Boulrisse, Kris Nute, Randy Gifford and Mike Vanadestine 

Third Gross with 61: Keith Libby, Darryn Libby, Brody Libby and Dustin Nicholson

Fourth Gross with 63: Jason Clifford, Jim Trask, Scott Gardner and Mark Tolman

Fifth Gross with 64: Gary Tourtillotte, Tim Madore, Danny Moors and Steve Beesley 

Sixth Gross with 66: Branden Oliver, Jackson Weatherbee, Griffin Coburn and Tru Weatherbee

Seventh Gross with 66: Cory Thompson, Bub Hanscom, Ryan Ward and Randy Tallman

Eighth Gross with 68: Cory Thompson, Lexi Thompson, Mike Clendenning and Cameron Hachey

Ninth Gross with 73: Ricky Robinson, Dillon Pete, John Whitney and Garret Sutherland


First Net with 54: Keith Libby, Darryn Libby, Brody Libby and Dustin Nicholson

Second Net with 54: Brent Lindquist, Kelly Lindquist, Jamie Oldenburgh and Wendi Oldenburgh

Third Net with 56: Fred Pete, Jarrod Peters, Arthur Osborne and Aaron Osborne

Fourth Net with 57: James Trott, Harper Jenkins, Cody Smith and Issac Hainer 

Fifth Net with 58: Larry Osborne, Mark Lawrence, Dwight Dawson and Glen Trafton 

Sixth Net with 58: Jerry Oakes, Matt Cummings, Kelsey Oakes and Amanda Cummings

Seventh Net with 61: Carson Munson, Mitchell Munson, Brayden Irish and Andrew Leblanc 

Eighth Net with 62: Dave Huffstutler, Chris Plain, Donnie Ficket and Jarrod

Ninth Net with 62: Fred Gillis, Ricky Robinson, Aimee Robinson and Kevin Lee

Tenth Net with 66: Colby Clendenning, Kevin Mulligan, Dan Ham and Mike Ware




Men Under 60 Longest Drive: Jason Clifford

Men Over 60 Longest Drive: Clayton Boulrisse

Closest to Line Men: Jerry Oakes

Closest to the Line Senior Men: Randy Tallman

Closest Pin for Hole #2: Ricky Robinson with 20’8”

Closest Pin for Hole #7: Cory Thompson with 27’9”

Closest Pin for Hole #11: Donnie Fackett with 36’10”

Closest Pin for Hole #16: Clayton Boulrisse with 20’2”



Men Under 60 Longest Drive: Brody Libby

Men Over 60 Longest Drive: Kieth Libby

Closest to Line Seniors: Danny Moors

Closest to Line Men: Wyatt Foster

Closest Pin for Hole #2: Brody Libby with 14’9”

Closest Pin for Hole #7: Tim Madore with 3’11”

Closest Pin for Hole #11: Wyatt Foster with 16’4”

Closest Pin for Hole #16: Mark Lawrence 9’9”


Closest Pin for Hole #2 for Ladies: Adele Wilson with 21’3”

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