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Moose Keith Memorial Scholarship Tournament Results

First Annual
Moose Keith Memorial Scholarship

A great big Thank you to all the Players and Sponsors that participated in this event. 

Tournament Results
1st Gross- Fred Pete, Larry Stuart, Arthur Osborne, Jarrod Peters 55

2nd Gross- Mike Vanadestine, Andy Vanadestine, Jeff Cobb  59
(Won with birdie on 5)

3rd Gross- Randy Harris, Mike Ware, Butch Arthers, Angela Arthers 59

4th Gross-Brandon Savage, Anthony Peters, Carson Munson, Brayden Irish 60 (Won with birdie on 5)

5th Gross- Jason Clifford, Jim Trask, Jon Pelkey, Jeremy Peters 60

6th Gross- Wyatt Foster, Lance Bernier, Jim Foster, Kevin Bernier 61 (Won with birdie on 5)

7th Gross- Clayton Boulrisse, Charlie Boulrisse, Kris Nute, B.J Crocker 61

8th Gross- Rusty Blessard, Chris Gulesian, Wayne Campbell, Ed Soule 62

9th Gross- Jerry Clifford, Tyler Williams, Joey Robinson , Andy McGlaughlin 63

10th Gross- Gary Tourtilotte, Pam Forbes, Derek Artes, Scott Gordon 64

11th Gross- Randy Gifford, Candy Gifford, Matt Cummings, Amanda Cummings 66

12th Gross- Penny Neal, Marie Goucher, Ashley Soucy 68

13th Gross- Rusty Blessard, Kyle Oliver, Peter Towle, Bobby Plourde 69

14th Gross- Dave Huffstutler , Don Huffstutler , Tom Huffstutler, Jordan Huffstutler 77

Net Results
1st Net- Marshall Foster, Aaron Awalt, Jake Jones, Travis Smith 50

2nd Net- Dakota Batchelder, Kevin Lee, Viet Lee, Fred Gillis  54
(Won with birdie on 5)

3rd Net- Cory Thompson, Bub Hanscom, Ryan Ward, Mike Noble 54

4th Net- Ray Thibedeau, Jean Thibedeau, Darren Thibedeau, Kimmy Thibedeau 55 (Won with birdie on 14)

5th Net- Wyatt Foster, Carter Ward, Branden Oliver, Alex Brown 55 (Won with birdie on 7)

6th Net- Meredith Blessard, Mandy Blessard, Nicky Clendenning 55 (Won With par on 14)

7th Net- Dakota Batchelder, Brad Mckechnie, Brady Harding, Jaeden Folster 55

8th Net- Jim Nadeau, Brett Stuart, Joe Stuart, George Keefe 57

9th Net- Dwight Dawson, James Potter, Kevin Potter, Keith Potter 58

10th Net- Kevin Lee, Fred Gillis, Rocky Melanson, John Garden 59 (Won wirth par on 14)

11th Net- Alan Lloyd, Darlene Sage, Lana Gulesian, Candy Gifford 59
(Won with par on 5)

12th Net- Reggie Theriault, Terry Theriault, Scott Jordan, Dale Sereyko 59

13th Net- Carson Munson, Mitchell Munson, Brayden Irish, Matt Munson 61

14th Net- Steve Richard, Jaeden Folster, Jeff Folster, Mark Robinson 64

Hole #2      1st. Marie Goucher- 6’6”   2nd. Angela Arthers 7’ 7”

Hole #7       1st. Chris Gulesian- 25’8”. 2nd  Wyatt Foster. 30’ 10”

Hole #11.      1st. Rusty Blessard. 4’ 4”. 2nd. Mike Vanadestine 10’ 10”

Hole #16       1st. Wyatt Foster 8’10 1⁄2”. 2nd. Dakota Batchelder.   15’ 8”

Long Drive
59 and under men-   Tyler Williams

59 and older men-   Jeff Cobb

Women-    Ashley Soucy