Monday Night Couples Scramble Results

Monday night scramble consisted of a 4 person team this week with each player getting 1 skirt ball to use from any tee of their choice.  Monday night couples is  open to any couple that would like to play any time they can play.  We start at 5:30


1st Place   Gary Tourtillotte, Pam Forbes, Skip Spaulding, Wendy Oldenburgh  29

2nd Place  Max Woodman, Ellie Gordon, Mike Noble, Heather Noble   30


1st Place   Jamie Oldenburgh, Kristie Libbey , Dale Sereyko, Penny Neal   27

2nd Place  Carter Ward, Meridith Blessard, Steve Farrington, Hollie Farrington  29

3rd Place   John Champeon, Lisa Champeon, Andy Vanadestine, Betsy  Vanadestine  32


Hole # 2 for the Men   Carter Ward      3' 9"

Hole # 2 for the women    Carry Over to next week

Hole #7 for the women     Carry Over to next week

Hole #7 for the men          Carry over to next week

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