First Par 3 event Sunday May 26th 9 am shotgun. 2 person teams. min team hcp 15. Moose Keith scholarship scramble the weekend of June 1st and 2nd. Play anytime during the weekend. Benefits local kids at Mattanawcock, Lee Academy and Penobscot Valley High school seniors with further education.

Monday night Couples retreat results

Couples night on Monday May 22nd results

1st gross  Wyatt Foster, Adele Wilson, Brent Lindquist, Kelly Lindquist  28

2nd Gross  Ed Soule, Faye Broderick, Adele Wilson, Wyatt Foster  30


1st Net Butch Arthers, Angela Arthers, Ricky Robinson, Aimee Robinson  29

2nd Net  Jamie Oldenburgh, Kristy Libby, Wendy Oldenburgh, Skip Spaulding 30

3rd Net  Rusty Blessard, Abby Theriault, Cathee Pullman, Lou Sweep


Ladies # 2     Adele Wilson 12' 2"

Men # 2        Brent Lindquist  12' 2"

Ladies # 7    Adele Wilson  15' 1/2"

Men # 7   Jamie Oldenburgh  31' 9"