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Monday Night Couples Results June 20th

Monday Night Couples Results June 20th


1st  Wyatt Foster Adele Wilson, Ken Moody, Lynn Mayer      32

2nd  Jeff King, Candi King, Jamie Oldenburgh, Nicky Clendenning   35

3rd  Butch Arthers, Angela Arthers, Skip Spaulding, Wendi Oldenburgh  35


1st Rusty Blessard, Kelly Lindquist, Steve Farrington, Hollie Farrington  32

2nd   Terry Turner, Sherry Turner, Greg Smith, Marie Goucher    32

3rd  Danny Moors, Lana Gulesian, Ed Soule, Fay Broderick    34


Hole # 2        Ladies    Candi King  22' 2"     Men   Ed Soule 20' 4"

Hole #7       Ladies   Angela Arthers  14'      Men   Rusty Blessard  8' 7"