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Monday Night Couples Results

Monday Night Couples Results


1st   Brent Lindquist, Kelly Lindquist, Dale Sereyko, Penny Neal 33*

2nd  Wyatt Foster, Adele Wilson, Terry Lloyd, Alana Lloyd   33

3rd   Andy Vanadestine, Betsy Vanaedstine, Lynn Meyer, Lou Sweep  33

4th   Jeff King, Candi King, Rusty Blessard, Mandy Blessard   34


1st  Jamie Oldenburgh, Kristi Libbey, Nicky Clendenning      31*

2nd  Griffin Coburn, Paige Briggs, Alex Brown, Emily Tolman  31

3rd   Skip Spaulding, Wendi Oldenburgh, Fay Broderick, Ed Soule  31

4th   Greg Smith, Marie Goucher, Steve Farrington, Hollie Farrington  33


#2  Ladies   Lynn Meyer 8' 8"

      Men   Dale Sereyko 34' 10"

#7   Ladies    Carry Over

       Men     Jeff King   16' 10"