Men’s Par Three Event

First Gross with 54: *Randy Gifford/Clayton Boulrisse 

Second Gross with 54: *Marshall Foster/Lance Bernier

Third Gross with 59: Wyatt Foster/Mike Ware

First Net with 43: **Brent Lindquist/Jamie Oldenburgh

Second Net with 43: **Fred Gillis/Ricky Robinson

Third Net with 46: Jeff King/Matt Leland

Fourth Net with 49: Dwight Dawson/Kevin Lee

Fifth Net with 52: Dave Huffstutler/Chris Plain


*Randy Gifford/Clayton Boulrisse and Marshall Foster/Lance Bernier Tied for First Gross with 54. Randy Gifford/Clayton Boulrisse got a 3 on the Tie Breaker Hole 5 while Marshall Foster/Lance Bernier got a 4


**Brent Lindquist/Jamie Oldenburgh and Fred Gillis/Ricky Robinson Tied for First Net with 43. Brent Lindquist/Jamie Oldenburgh got a 3 on the Tie Breaker Hole 14 while Fred Gillis/Ricky Robinson got a 4



Hole One with 6’6”: Chris Plain 

Hole Two with 3’11”: Jeff King

Hole Three with 13’6”: Wyatt Foster

Hole Four with 2’2.5”: Brent Lindquist 

Hole Five with 22’2”: Jamie Oldenburg 

Hole Six with 10’9.5”: Mike Ware

Hole Seven with 3’5”: Randy Gifford 

Hole Eight with 10’5”: Kevin Lee

Hole Nine with 10’5.5”: Mike Ware

Hole Ten with 6’6”: Ricky Robinson 

Hole Eleven with 3’2”: Clayton Boulrisse 

Hole Twelve with 8’9.5”: Lance Bernier

Hole Thirteen with 57’3”: Wyatt Foster

Hole Fourteen with 24’6” Randy Gifford 

Hole Fifteen with 10’9”: Lance Bernier

Hole Sixteen with 7’7”: Randy Gifford 

Hole Seventeen with 27’9”: Clayton Boulrisse 

Hole Eighteen with 1’: Ricky Robinson

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