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Men’s League for Week of 02/11-02/17

First Gross with 33*: Randy Gifford/Brody Libby

Second Gross with 33: Randy Tallman/Tim Darling

Third Gross with 34: Wyatt Foster/Dakota Batchelder

Fourth Gross with 34: John Champeon/Wyatt Foster

Fifth Gross with 36: Cory Thompson/Bub Hanscom

Sixth Gross with 36: Ryan Ward/Scott Gary

Seventh Gross with 37: Fred Pete/Arthur Osborne

Eighth Gross with 38: Darryn Libby/Keith Libby


First Net with 33*: Keith Libby/Larry Osborne

Second Net with 33: Dave Huffstutler/Chis Plain

Third Net with 34: Mike Vanadestine/Grady Thurlow

Fourth Net with 34: Wayne Campbell/Shane Caron

Fifth Net with 34: Peter Towle/Reggie Ogden

Sixth Net with 34: James Trott/Andrew Oliver

Seventh Net with 35: Clayton Boulrisse/Kris Nute

Eighth Net with 35: Jarrod Peters/Ricky Robinson


*Won on Card



Hole #3

First with 7’7”: Cory Thompson

Second with 11’2”: Shane Caron


Hole #6

First with 17’7”: Keith Libby

Second with 18’: John Champeon