Golf course is Open with carts. Our full length driving range is open. League week starts May 15th. Couples play Monday's at 5:30, Men on Wednesday either at 2:30 or 4:30, Ladies play on Thursday's at 5:30 and Friday morning scramble is for anyone over 50 starting at 9:00 am

Marine Corp League Scramble Tournament Results

Marine Corp Tournament Results



1st- Candy Gifford, Randy Gifford, Matt Cummings, Kris Nute              51

2nd- Danny Ireland, Lee Summer, Mark Dufresne, Mike Clendenning  51 

         (Lost on the card on Hole #14)

3rd- Rusty Blessard, Wayne Campbell, Ed Soule, Larry Osborne         54

4th- Drew Greenlaw, Jordan Merritt, Andrew Tuttle, Doug Merritt         60


1st- Dakota Batchelder, Brad McKechnie, Brady Harding, Hannah Sibley   42.2

2nd- Darren Libby, Joe Stuart, Brett Stuart, Jim Nadeau                              44.5

3rd- Grady Thurlow, Maria Thurlow, Jake Rhodes, Amanda Rhodes           45.5

4th- Fred Pete, Arthur Osborne, Jared Peter, Aaron Osborne                      46.6

Long Drive

Men Under 59- Drew Greenlaw

Men Over 60- Wayne Campbell

Women- Candy Gifford


#2- Aaron Osborne 6’ ¾”

#7- Brett Stuart 7’ 11”

#16- Jake Rhodes 12’3”