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Maine Junior Golf Club Indoor Golf Skills results

35 Yard chip 3 tries each

1st Teegan Lazo 7'

2nd Bodon Lazo 8'

3rd Max Hamel 10'

4th Paul Touhy 12'

5th Warren Theriault 17'

6th Will Touhy 22'

7th Kollin Nichols 22'

Longest Drive 3 tries each

1st Max Hamel 143 yds

2nd Paul Touhy 139

3rd Will Touhy 128

4th Kollin Nichols 125

5th Teegan Lazo 119

6th Warren Theriault 118

7th Bodon Lazo 102

Closest to the pin from 100 yards 3 tries each

1st Max Hamel 11'

2nd Warren Theriault 14'

3rd Paul Touhy 15'

4th Kollin Nichols 18'

5th Teegan Lazo 23'

6th Will Touhy 28'

7th Bodon Lazo 33'