Maine Indoor Golf Results at Barnes Brook Golf Course Men's results

The Men played the back 9 of Latrobe this week
1st  Wayne Campbell and Rusty Blessard               33
2nd  Brayden Irish and Carson Munson                   34
3rd  Bub Hanscom and Cory Thompson                  34
4th  Ed Soule and Rusty Blessard                            34
5th  Wyatt Foster and Dakota Batchelder                 35
6th  John Champeon and Wyatt Foster                    36
6th  Peter Towle and Rusty Blessard                        36
8th  Ryan Ward and Rusty Blessard                         37
       Larry Osborne and Ryan Ward                          37
1st  Payson Turner and Joe Vicaire                           26
2nd  Dwight Dawson and Logan Jipson                    33*  won on card
3rd  Andrew Olive and James Trott                           33
4th  Jamie Oldenburgh and Rusty Blessard              36
        Fred Pete and Aurthur Osborne                        36
        Kris Nute and Clayton Boulrisse                       36
        Marshall Foster and Eric Dill                             36
        Mike Vanadestine and Grady Thurlow               36
5th  Kyle Oliver and Ed Soule                                   37
Closest to pin
Hole #10
1st  Larry Osborne                15'7"
2nd  Carson Munson             18'9"
Hole #13
1st  Rusty Blessard                7' 3"
2nd  Wyatt Foster                  10' 9"
This is a 2 person scramble league and anyone can sign up their team and play.  Come join the Fun.  Next week we play at Sea Island
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