Ladies Par Three 06/15/23

First with 60: Pam Forbes/Hollie Farrington 

Second with 61: Nicky Clendenning/Susie Griffin

Third with 61: Kelly Lindguist/Wendy Oldenburg 

Fourth with 63: Candy Gifford/Lori Libbey 

Fifth with 67: Gayle Pierce/Carolyn Fergunson 

Sixth with 69: Alana Lloyd/Lana Gulesian

Seventh with 71: Marie Goucher/Trudy Fogg

Eighth with 72: Kaity Clendenning/Emily Oldenburg 



Hole One with 16’6”: Candy Gifford 

Hole Two with 28’2.5”: Susie Griffin 

Hole Three with 17’1”: Hollie Farrington 

Hole Four with 23’7”: Gayle Pierce

Hole Five with 32’4”: Marie Goucher 

Hole Six with 4’9”: Alana Lloyd 

Hole Seven with 7’2” Gayle Pierce

Hole Eight with 23’1.5”: Susie Griffin

Hole Nine with 9’1”: Hollie Farrington 

Hole Ten with 12’2”: Pam Forbes 

Hole Eleven with 16’4”: Hollie Farrington 

Hole Twelve with 14’5”: Susie Griffin 

Hole Fourteen with 22’1 1/4”: Nicky Clendenning 

Hole Fifteen with 10’6”: Candy Gifford 

Hole Sixteen with 13’2”: Kelly Lindguist

Hole Seventeen with 19’10”: Hollie Farrington 

Hole Eighteen with 7’10”: Kelly Lindguist

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