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Ladies Invitational 2021 results

What a great day to be a lady.  

Gross results

1st Candy Gifford, Lana Gulesian, Sharon Webster, Trudy Fogg    62

2nd Alana Lloyd, Nicky Clendenning, Wendi Oldenburgh    66

3rd  Marie Goucher, Penny Neal, Darlene Sage    68

Net Results

1st  Angela Arthers, Kim Kenniston, Bette Colbath    52.7

2nd  Ciara Tollman, Emily Tollman, Paige Tollman, Kim Pelky  57

3rd  Ashley Soucy, Kelsy Oakes, Carolyn Ferguson, Mandy Blessard  57.8

4th  Sherry Turner, Pam Forbes, Hollie Farrington, Janna Stacy  59

Closest to the pins

#2  Mandy Blessard 15' 2"

#7 Pam Forbes 5' 4"

#11 Nicky Clendenning 31' 8"

Longest Drive

Tee 1  Kelsy Oakes

Tee 2  Kim Kenniston

Tee 3  Pam Forbes

Tee 4  Sharon Webster