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Junior Golf Indoor Skills weekly challenge

Junior golf results


Longest Drive today

Max Hamel    158

Kollin Nichols  127

Paul Touhy   122

Will Touhy     118

Warren Theriault  97


100 Yard shot closest to pin

Max Hamel   35'

Will Touhy   55'

Warren Theriault  67'

Kollin Nichols  75'

Paul Touhy   83'


30 foot putt

Max Hamel 3'

Will Touhy 5'

Paul Touhy 7'

Kollin Nichols 12'

Warren Theriault  13'


10 foot putt

Max Hamel    In the Hole

Paul Touhy    9"

Kollin Nichols  11"

Will Touhy    13"

Warren Theriault  15"


Great job today