June 21st Seniors League Results

Our community welcomes all, and we value our community like a family, and family owned and family supporting, we want to thank everyone for being a part of our family and supporting Barnes Brook. That being said we have talked about beginners, now let’s talked about experienced players of today, having a round with old friends and family, we were happy they enjoyed our event today!

Now of course that is not the end of this story yet, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… The Results!
These 2 were the closest to pins #2 and #7 with 3’8” and 40’

1st- Arthur Osborne, Kevin Mulligan, and Glen Trafton - 29

2nd- Keith Libby, Darryn Libby, Dwight Dawson and Larry - 32

3rd- Jamie Oldenburgh, Brent Lindquist, Dale Sereyko, and Victor Michaud - 32 

4th- Cubby Couriveau, Kevin Lee, Ken Moody, Dave Lindsay - 33

5th- Gary Blake, Butch Arthur’s, Larry Metz - 33

6th- Joe Thibodeau, Gary Perry, Rocky Melanson, Ed, Plourde

7th- Gary Haynes, Brian Treadwell, Peter Towle, Terry Turner 


Thank you for reading and catching up with us on the blog today! See you tomorrow for the Our Heroes Scramble!



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