Indoor Golf Playoff Rules Ladies League

Indoor Golf League Playoffs

women’s Rules


Must play ball were it lies


Fringe and fairway are the same length grass

You may use the midsize grass for the fairway or fringe as well.

Only difference is the rough and the sand.


Only exception is, Due to a explanation Mike did wrong

is if you are around the green and the grid shows up

You may putt the ball from the short grass even

if you are in the rough


Hcp will adjust after 1st 2 rounds

Score is total of 4 rounds played

1 gross team winner $200

1 Net team winner $200

We will be paying out pins each week


If there needs to be a mulligan due to computer error

not pushing wrong button

Please have someone verify what the mulligan is for.


Good luck and have fun.


Team                   HCP


Abby  & Skylar        -2

Alana & Marie         -4

Wendy & Nicky       -7

Kayla & Hollie        -9

Jill & Lynn             -13

Loree & Courtney  -13


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