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Herb Vanadestine 2 Person Championship- Best Ball


1st- Dakota Batchelder, Randy Gifford 70

2nd- Marshall Foster, Lance Bernier     70

3rd- Wyatt Foster, Aaron Awalt               72

4th- Randy Gifford, Branden Oliver       73

5th- Wyatt Foster, Candy Gifford          74

6th- Mike Vanadestine, Clayton King    77

7th- Matt Cummings, Josh Ireland        78



1st- Branden Oliver, Griffin Coburn           59

2nd- Dwight Dawson, Brad McKechnie    60

3rd- Chris Lindsay, Jason Spencer           61

4th- Clayton Boulrisse, Kris Nute              62

5th- Dakota Batchelder, Griffin Coburn     63

6th- Jarrod Peters, Fred Pete                    63

7th- Alana Lloyd, Candy Gifford                63      

8th- Hatchet, Fred Gillis                             66

9th- Ryan Ward, Lennie Markie                 69


#2- Dwight 4’11”

#7- Brad 22’6”

#16- Branden 12’3”

Gross Skins

#8- Griffin Coburn

#9- Randy Gifford

#10- Lance Bernier

Net Skins

#7- Brad McKechnie

#8- Griffin Coburn

#9- Kris Nute

#13- Chris Lindsay

#14- Chris Lindsay

#16- Brad McKechnie

Long Drive

Men- Wyatt Foster

Women- Candy Gifford