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Crybaby scramble results. 4 person teams

Crybaby 2021 



1st-  77 Fred P, Larry S, Carson M, Arthur O

2nd- 79 Dakota B, Jaeden F, Wyatt F, Carter W

3rd - 86 Gary T, Matthew L, Walt W, Derek A

4th-  92 Branden O, Jackson W, Griffin C, Lucas T


1st-  73.3 Randy G, Matt C, Nick H, Clayton B

2nd- 79.6 Alana L, Marie G, Darlene S, Trudy F

3rd- 82 Cory T, Bub H, Ryan W, Hatchet

4th- 85.2 Jamie O, Wendi O, Nicky C, Mike C

5th- 94.9 Mike J, Scott J, Bob G, Ed M


#2-   47’ 3 ½” Bub

#7-   29’ 8”     Fred 

#11- 40’ 1 ½” Mike C

#16- 20’ 6 ½” Mike C