Cry Baby

First Gross with 76:

Dave Lindsay 

Greg Smith

Carson Munson

Brayden Irish


Second Gross with 79:

Colby Clendenning 

John Johnston

Ed Nason

Walter Yorzinski


Third Gross with 87:

Rusty Blessard 

Larry Osborne 

Ed Soule 

Wayne Campbell 


Fourth Gross with 89:

Cory Thompson 

Bub Hanscom

Ryan Ward

Paul Carter


Fifth Gross with 90:

James Oldenburg 

Wendy Oldenburg 

Brent Lindquist

Kelly Lindquist


First Net with 73:

Griffin Coburn

Paige Briggs

Wyatt Foster

Randy Gifford 


Second Net with 74:

Fred Pete

Arthur Osborne 

Dwight Dawson 

Scott Priest


Third Net with 74:

Dakota Batchelder 

Jaeden Folster 

Brady Harding

Hannah Sibley 


Fourth Net with 84:

Ken Moody

Ray Thibodeau

Rocky Melanson 

Justin Melanson 


Fifth Net with 84:

Jim Pierson

Ralph Watts

Jason Potter

Fred Gillis


The Happy Greens Keeper

Net 86

Jordan Knappe 

Derek Lacadie

Mike Buzzell

John Leture



Hole Two with 16’8”

Dakota Batchelder 


Hole Seven with 8’

Jason Potter

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