Couples League for Week of 07/01/24

First Gross with 30*: Mike Clendenning, Nicky Clendenning, Mike Peterson and Noretta Peterson

Second Gross with 31: Wyatt Foster, Adele Wilson, Mike Noble and Heather Noble

Third Gross with 32: Fred Pete, Karen Pete, Jason Potter and Penny Lowe


First Net with 29*: Brody Libby, Cortney Kimball, Darryn Libby and Linda Libby

Second Net with 29: Jim Trask, Lana Gulesian, Dale Sereyko and Penny Neal

Third Net with 29: Wendall Stoddard, Marie Goucher, Skip Spaulding and Wendy Oldenburgh 

Fourth Net with 31: Danny Moors, Susie Hayes, Brent Lindquist and Kelly Lindquist 


*Won on Card




Hole #2 with 18’10”: Jim Trask

Hole #7 with 6’8”: Darryn Libby



Hole #2 with 41’9”: Susie Hayes

Hole #7: Carry Over

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