Big Day at Barnes Brook with the Par 3 event results

Big Day at Barnes Brook with the Par 3 event results

Get out your putts! Here at Barnes Brook we challenged you to raise your short game with our Par 3 event. People surely had a challenge with this one, but it was more then welcomed by the players. We wanted to show you what you missed out on with some of these shots on the green!



Now what you’ve all been waiting for…


1st. Randy Harris and Mike Ware   53

2nd. Brody Libby and Darryn Libby  56

3rd. Keith Libby and Larry Osborne   58

4th.    Ricky Robinson and Dillion Pete  66


1st.  Bub Hanscom and Cory Thompson   41*

2nd   Dwight Dawson & Cubby Couriveau   41

3rd    Joe Thibodeau & Jon Lodge    50

4th   Rocky Melanson & Jeff Melanson   50

5th   Dillion Leland & Jacob Thibodeaus  59

Holes closest to Pins

1st  N/A

2nd  Dillion Pete   9’ 5”

3rd  Cory Thompson   10’ 10”

4th  Bub Hanscom   30”

5th  Bub Hanscom   39’

6th  Darryn Libby   5’ 5”

7th  Joe Thibodeau  5’ 5”

8th  Cubby Couriveau  6’ 6”

9th  Jeff Melanson   11’ 2”

10th  Jacob Thibodeaus  12’ 8”

11th  Keith Libby   8’ 3”

12th  Mike Ware  14’ 8”

13th  Mike Ware  3’ 3”

14th  n/a

15th  Larry Osborne  10’ 4”

16th  Rickey Robinson   6’ 6”

17th  Darryn Libby   2’ 5”

18th  Randy Harris   13’ 1”


There’s always room for more here at Barnes Brook, we would love to see you here at our next event “Our Heroes Golf Scramble” to help support our veterans and the Our Heroes Military Museum in Lincoln, Maine. That’s not all as there is a chance to win 10,000 DOLLARS if you hit a hole in one! Don’t miss this opportunity to hit two birdies with one ball, supporting our veterans and having a chance to win 10,000!

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