Par 3 Challenge Saturday September 23rd. 9 am Shotgun start. Cash pin payout on every hole. 732-3006 to reserve your spot. Saturday September 30th 10 am shotgun. Sports spectacular scramble. Fund raiser for the golf teams in Howland to buy equipment. 4 person scramble $55 a person includes golf, cart and lunch.

Barnes Brook indoor Golf League. Mens results

Mens league results


1st. Wyatt Foster and Dakota Batchelder.  31

2nd. Lance Bernier and Jason Clifford. 31 

3rd. Cory Thompson and Logan Thompson.  32

4th. Mike and Robby Clendenning. 34 

5th. Wyatt Foster and John Champeon. 35

6th. Cory Thompson and Bub Hanscom. 36 

7th. Danny Moors and Butch Arthers.  38

Tied with Arthur Osborne and Fred Pete. 38


1st. Branden Oliver and Griffin Coburn. 33

2nd. Mike Vanadestine and Matt Cummings. 33

3rd. Scott Gary and Ryan Ward. 34 

4th. Rusty Blessard and Peter Towle.  35

Tied with Rusty Blessard and Wayne Campbell. 35

6th. Carson Munson Braydon Irish.  36

Tied with Matt Leland and Jeff King. 36

8th. Kris Nute and Clayton Boulrisse. 38 

9th. Jarrod Peters and Larry Stuart. 39 


Hole 2 

1st. Lance Bernier   4’ 3”

2nd. Dakota Batchelder  5’ 4”

3rd. Scott Gary   10’ 8”

4th. Rusty Blessard   15’