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12th Annual Marine Corp League Scramble

12th Annual Greater Lincoln Marine Corps Tournament Results

July 17th 2021


1st Gross- Jason Clifford, Doug Clay, Jeremy Peters, Aarron Hanson               49

2nd Gross- Danny Ireland, Lee Summer, Marc Dufrense, Dakota Batchelder    51

3rd Gross- Rusty Blessard, Carter Ward, Ed Soule, Jamie Oldenburgh             52

4th Gross- Cory Thompson, Bub Hanscom, Lenie Markie, Mike Noble              55

5th Gross- Dwight Dawson, Bill Deredin, Tyler Burril, Brent Chaffer                   56

6th Gross- Wade Thurlow, Lyndsee Thurlow, Ben Lowe, Kristen Stediford        65

1st Net-
Brody Libby, Courtney Kimball, Darren Libby, Keith Libby                     43

2nd Net- Fred Pete, Larry Stuart, Jarrod Peters, Arthur Osborne                      45.4

3rd Net- Ray Thibedeau, Jen Thibedeau, Kim Thibedeau, Darren Thibedeau   46          

4th Net- Jake Rhodes, Amanda Rhodes, Grady Thurlow, Ed Plourde                47

5th Net- Jeff King, Candy King, Cathy Leland                                                       47.4

Pin Winners

#2 Marc Dufrense- 8’3”

#7 Wade Thurlow- 37’11”

#11 Brody Libby- 20’4”

#16 Keith Libby- 23’11”

Winner if the 50/50 Raffle Lee Sumner

Donated his winnings back. 

Winner of the Mardens Gift Certificate was Mike Noble